Dorothy Hukill

A Message from Dorothy

Thanks for visiting my new campaign website. I’m running to be your next state senator because Central Florida is still trapped in a recession, and we must put partisanship aside to move forward and restore our economy.

We know how we can move forward. We know what policies work to make Florida a better place to live, work, and own a business. We must lower taxes for families and businesses. We must reduce regulations on job-creators so they can spend their time innovating rather than fighting with bureaucracy. And we must invest the resources taxpayers place in government on building and keeping a world-class education system.

Low taxes, a government that respects job-creators and great schools are the most powerful magnets for jobs and the people who create them. The only thing stopping them from becoming a reality is political games and partisan bickering – from both parties.

As your state senator, I’ll do my part to put that partisan bickering aside, and help my fellow Floridians work together to make great things happen for our middle class and for all of our families.